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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Now when will these be posted Jon ?

    And to think he’s gotten all Zen on us.

    In the future I’ll bring up Arthur Davis getting clocked by a full beer can outside the club and other shenanigans that’ll make you think “damn…….”

  2. Jon-hey I love the show! We might’ve even been at tech in the same ancient times-it’s only somewhat recent I found your show and info about it-you crack me up-and I get a kick out of hearing some of what I was so concerned with as serious/artsy music being played on personality crisis. like all Kate Bush the other week-hilarious-and I really was having a personality crisis at the time in addition to the pressures of Tech. funny stuff-thanks for the show-I bet you even play some of my other old faves from then-and stuff I never heard but now I know of thanks to this new crisis. Bri

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