Jon Kincaid, 1964-2022

Jon passed away in on January 5th. There’s much to say about Jon, but this post will be focused on the website itself.

Dave Slusher and I set up this blog website for Jon back in 2006 as an outlet through which he could publish. From Sept 2006 to Feb 2008, Jon posted a longer form piece here every couple weeks, and you can still see those here — just scroll down! Then, like many of us I suppose, once he started on Facebook (in 2008-2009) he stopped posting on this personal blog. In 2014, when he started posting show playlists to Facebook, I was (for a short time) cross-posting the playlists here. At some point the website itself went defunct.

Upon hearing the news of Jon’s passing, I immediately reached out to Dave about restoring this website. Dave still had the domain registration and the site files, and Dave restored it all this morning, and I logged in and did some minor cleanup.

The site is a great snapshot of his writing — scroll down past my playlist posts to get to Jon’s own writing! In coming months, I will post content here in memorial to Jon, samples of the tributes that overflowed in the weeks following his passing.

– Chris C

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