Time Takes A Cigarette

Have you ever considered how fragile time actually is? Not in the “your life is ticking away sense”, but in the concept that my watch is a few minutes different from yours and everyone else’s and thus very few folks actually have the correct time. So why we are living at the same time, some of us are actually either a few minutes in the future or a few minutes in the past.

Have found out recently that Ray Dafrico (Nightporters, Shades Of Shame, KTO, etc) actually works for the same company I do. His new band the Shanghai Gesture played Live at WREK this past Tuesday (2/5/08) and are worth a listen in the WREK 7 day archive at wrek.org

Cleaned out the spam tonight from incoming comments. Enjoyed what I assume is one claiming to be from the wrestler Chris Jericho. If it is actually Chris (who has lived in the ATL), welcome aboard.

Speaking of wrestling, Ric Flair has endorsed Huckabee while Hulk Hogan has put his stamp of approval on Obama. And here’s a link from Youtube to one of my all time favorite Gordon Solie calls : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EN74RaW7UgA

“He’s hemorrhaging. Don’t move him.” Nearly twenty-seven years later and I still fondly recall this.


Lots of Jam and Stranglers to be played on Personality Crisis this upcoming Sunday. Working on getting Pere Ubu giveaways/possible interview regarding their upcoming performance at the Plaza Theatre.





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