I’m Just A Heart & Soul Rock N Roll Junkie

(the above references Herman Brood, a Dutch musician I once saw open for the Kinks in Atlanta. One of the highlights of his band’s set was when one of the members screamed “Hello Alabama!” Brood did an interview with a local Atlanta TV station where he said that the one thing he wanted to do while in America was “sleep with Little Richard.” He may be best known in some circles for being the ex-husband of Nina Hagen as well as a 1979 US chart placement for his single “Saturday Night”. He passed away, I believe, in 2001.)

Another Valentine’s Day without a Valentine for me. Too many years like that for me. Sad to say my most vivid Valentine’s memory is from 25 years ago today when I saw a somewhat dodgy Atlanta band called Baby & The Pacifiers at their West Peachtree Club, the Bistro. Apparently the Bistro was owned/run by several different folks over the years and at one point in the 70s featured Jimmy Buffet’s band as the houseband. The Pacifiers had a college radio hit in Atlanta with their single “After You Jump” b/w “Planet Rangers”. I always had this feeling they thought themselves more important to the scene than they were (maybe that’s just me.) Though the Bistro was open for several years after I became “of drinking age”, I never again ventured in after that 1982 “teen” night show. (To be truthful, the only other show there that I was ever interested in seeing there was X’s Atlanta debut in 1981, but I weren’t old enough.) The major problem with the Bistro (other than always having the Pacifiers play) was it seemed that most bands that played there were a step down from the ones who played 688. Those type of bands later found a gigging home at Margaritaville, which I’ve just recently noted has been torn down.

Anyway, to any ladies viewing this site, tonight you are my Valentine. Hey, a generic message has gotta be better than a dreary Sunday night at the Bistro in 1982……..

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  1. Awww, I am honored to be your valentine, Jon! That Bistro show sounds a lot like my one experience with the Nightporters in some club that had parachute material all over the ceiling and walls. I can’t remember the name of that place, but it was the only time I ever went there. Never saw a show at 688 though. They closed the year I started Tech.

  2. Can’t remember any club with parachute material all over the innards although the headliner backstage area at 688 was covered with it at one point. Ya got me on that one.

  3. Well if he didn’t die happy he must of had some decent experience in his life if he got to nail Nina Hagen.

    So those glitter/glam covers were by Def Leopard? Damn that was good.
    Keep on spinnin’ the hits. I’ve enjoyed the show on and off for forever now.

  4. I was at that Kinks show, with Herman Brood at the Fox. I had just moved to the states, and that was my first ‘classic british rock band’ concert…loved the show…sleepwalker, paper plates flying, etc..many memories of 688, and the place across the street from the fox, (PiL, XTC, Squeeze, Talking Heads, B52’s, etc). Atlanta is currently 2/3 less risky and edgy…

  5. you thought i was dead… i remember drinking with none of you at 688… but sometimes there were sounds of sex from the untility closet and the snorting of god knows what off of the a/c unit… chop, snort, hump… not an unusual series of sounds from that room… it was a fave spot for iggy pop in the early 80’s – there even when he wasn’t here… much like me… dead tony evans…

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