I’m so damn lost, where in the hell is Innsbruck, Austria?

If any of my royal listeners wondered where I was on Sunday (instead of doing my radio show) I was busy at work because the Student Center is apparently locking up at 7 PM over break (as opposed to 10 PM in previous years) and, barring breaking some glass, I had no way of getting in the building. (I did try most of the outside doors.) Next Sunday I’m gonna work weird hours and try to get in before lockdown but I can’t guarantee anything as the school may close access earlier because of it being Christmas Eve. Same goes for New Year’s Eve as well…..

My resourceful bit of the day was fixing my belt with a clasp paper clip until I could get to Wal-Mart and buy a new one. (It took me approximately 7 minutes to park my car, find a belt, pay self-checkout and get back to my car. Holiday shopping is hectic, huh.)

One thought on “I’m so damn lost, where in the hell is Innsbruck, Austria?”

  1. I KNEW IT! Aw geez, it’s break, he can’t get inna the building. Will the doors open for those newfangled BuzzCards that none of us oldsters have? Maybe you can get someone to meet you.

    So there I was last night, madly dialing the station so that you or whoever could go kick the wildly malfunctioning streaming computer. Sorry that the archive says “breasts” over and over and over for 60 hours straight …. ahhhh, winter break, I wouldn’t recognize it without the attendant IT crises at Georgia Tech …

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