I’m so damn lost, where in the hell is Innsbruck, Austria?

If any of my royal listeners wondered where I was on Sunday (instead of doing my radio show) I was busy at work because the Student Center is apparently locking up at 7 PM over break (as opposed to 10 PM in previous years) and, barring breaking some glass, I had no way of getting in the building. (I did try most of the outside doors.) Next Sunday I’m gonna work weird hours and try to get in before lockdown but I can’t guarantee anything as the school may close access earlier because of it being Christmas Eve. Same goes for New Year’s Eve as well…..

My resourceful bit of the day was fixing my belt with a clasp paper clip until I could get to Wal-Mart and buy a new one. (It took me approximately 7 minutes to park my car, find a belt, pay self-checkout and get back to my car. Holiday shopping is hectic, huh.)

I’m A Hooligan, Never Going Back To School Again

Today in History :

December 15, 1990

Georgia Tech hands me a degree. Maynard Jackson gives commencement and trashes Andrew Young’s administration as mayor. I believe both Dave Slusher and Chris Campbell (old WREK types) also get degrees this day meaning that Tech bestows an honor on three of the more cynical bastards to ever set foot on campus. I still carry my miniature degree in my wallet, FYI.

I was going to talk about Gordon Solie but that’ll have to wait…

A Quick One While I’m Awake

Never did give my opinion on the New York Dolls show. Thought it “ok” but still not sure why guys looking like Poison were there thinking they were punk rock or something. Johansen looked the cross between Jagger & Tyler they used to compare him with. Better than that show was my watching the documentary “New York Doll” about Arthur Kane. Highly recommended (and I don’t do that often!)

Also just got the DVD set of Saturday Night’s first season (before it became Saturday Night Live) and though I’m sure as I watch it there’s gonna be some wincing stuff (bad drug humor), there’s still enough Gilda plus to bring it all home.

And why isn’t Friday’s out on DVD? That show came on the air during one of the lower lows in SNL’s existence (Piscopo and Rocket-era) and was easily as good in that span with better musical guests (the Jam, the Clash, Devo 3 times). Maybe some day. And where the hell’s seasons 4 and 5 of Taxi, for that matter….

Not going to see Zappa Plays Zappa Tuesday night. Saw the man himself his last show in Atlanta (November 1984) and was kind of bored by that. Now ol’ Dweez is back in town without Lisa Loeb in tow (good for you leaving him LL, now search me out) and cranking out a period of Frank (mid to late 70s) that I never much cared for. So I’ll just stay and work on Tuesday, thank you.

Will try to post again in next few days since I know your life probably revolves around me. Mine does.