Personality Crisis show for 10-Apr-2016

This is a pre-recorded show that Jon produced and aired on April 10th, 2016. Below are the 30-minute chunks from the WREK archive system — download all of them and play in order (e.g. alpha sort) to hear the entire show, approximately two hours long as usual. The show starts 2m37s into the first chunk, and except for being pre-recorded instead of produced live, is pretty much typical of Jon’s shows, covering enormous ground with covers, B-sides, and themed sets that he may or may not have explained. As usual he romps from the 1980s punk of Husker Du and MDC to the delirious British pop of Wedding Present to the … whatever you call Housewife, Broadcast and Desert Mountain Tribe. Farther down in this post is the playlist, and at the bottom is a brief explanation of how we even have this show.

PartA / PartB / PartC / PartD / PartE

Below is Jon’s actual playlist for the show:

A little more background on how we even managed to have this show in 2023 … As I wrote above, Jon had pre-recorded this show. Typically he would prep one of these shows for the rare Sunday night when he had another commitment and wouldn’t be able to make it into the studio to do the show live. The show remained in WREK’s digital audio system after airing. The funny thing, though, is that that system could automatically re-air the show under two conditions: A) WREK had to be “running automation”, letting the system play music automatically because no DJ was on duty, and B) the month-day AND day-of-week happened to align with the pre-recorded show. In this case, 10-Apr-2016 was a Sunday, and so was 10-Apr-2022. On the latter date, the WREK automation system happened to be running on that Sunday night, it saw “Sunday Apr 10th” files in the system, and it played that. Voila, Jon’s show airs again! We have heard a few of Jon’s shows automatically re-air like this on WREK long after he passed away, and I’ve captured them all for this site 🙂

– Chris

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