2 things : My last post mentioned how I was in a weird way and it’s not because of my health. The tests are back and I’m not pregnant! Actually, my mom was being sent to see her surgeon again by her cancer doctor but it looks like this may just be a precaution thing and everything may be relatively ok.

Also, I forgot the former Turtle’s Rhythm & Views (later Blockbuster & Wherehouse) on Peachtree just above Benihana’s. The building is now a Whole Foods but actually once hosted a ridiculous in-store featuring Prince (on the last tour before he changed his name to either Lenny or Squiggy. or Squiggly. or something.) I drove by the place that day and the line stretched what seemed to be halfway to Chamblee. and this was in worsening weather as one of the bigger snowstorms in recent memory (for those who remember, we’re talking March of 1993) hit that night. This store was also the scene of two of the craziest tent sales I’ve ever bought too much stuff at……

Sometime I’ll get into talking about other odd defunct record stores around town but I’ll leave with an anecdote about when Rich’s used to be a SEATS ticket outlet. Now, most stores today that sell tickets have the booth up near the front of the store. At this point, in 1977, Rich’s sold tickets but had their booth in the middle of the store near customer service. Rich’s opened at 10 AM at Lenox. Tickets went on sale at 10 AM. Uh-oh! My sister’s friend went to purchase Led Zeppelin tickets and said that when the doors to Rich’s opened, kids were knocking things every which way scrambling to get to the SEATS booth. I can proudly say I bought my tickets to see Iggy Pop at 688 at the Perimeter Mall Rich’s. Didn’t have to knock anything over but we probably should have just for the spirit of the Ig…….

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