Night Of The Living Lazy

So I plug new stuff on the blog on the show last night and then I done forget to put it up. Oops….

My comment on Night Of The Lving Dead. (Talking about the original here, not some crap remake…) It is called NIGHT of the Living Dead, so how come every time the folks in the house see news about the “murderers” on the TV, the guys out hunting them are in daylight. Just hit me that that makes no sense.

There’s a 19 (NINETEEN!) CD set of Clash singles coming out soon. I read there was supposed to be unreleased stuff there, but what track listing I saw didn’t mention any. Still waiting for an official CD release of the version of Hammersmith Palais that was on the British RAR charity LP.

Would write more but one of those DOT barrels was blown into the road and did damage to my mom’s car today so I have to get up earlier and go deal with that. Enjoy your Halloween and I hope you get more treats than tricks (unless you’re a hooker, I guess…)



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