Personality Crisis show for 20-Aug-2017

On 20-Feb-2022, WREK paid tribute to Jon by re-airing one of the PC shows that they happened to still have in their music production system. That show was then available for streaming from their website for the following two weeks, but I then also captured it for posterity here. WREK happened to have this show’s audio in their system because it’s one that Jon had prerecorded in 2017. It’s a bit of an oddball show for him, since he was actually playing two albums in their entirety, so less sprawling coverage of rock music, but still a great listen. The full playlist is below.

WREK should have quite a few more of Jon’s shows in their system and I’m trying to get them to re-air those (in Jon’s old Sunday night timeslot) but for now at least we’ve got this one. Over the years I’ve stashed a few more in my personal archive so will get those up here someday as well.

I am providing here the raw mp3 files from WREK’s archive system. Generally these are all 30-minute chunks of WREK programming, and if you just play these six mp3 files in alphabetical order, they’ll sound like one two-hour show.

PartA / PartB* / PartC / PartD / PartE / PartF

The PartB asterisk*: During their tribute re-airing, the WREK DJ actually mistakenly rewound the show by 8 minutes and played that again. I attempted to edit that out here (in the PartB above), but it seems screwed up and I’m out of time to figure out what went wrong. If you can’t get PartB to play, use this one and then just fast-forward whenever it starts repeating: PartB-original

Finally, below is a picture of the actual playlist from the show. Man, Jon’s handwriting was the best!

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