Well they’ve inducted the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame again and I’ll (anon) have a non-timely piece on it. Figures. Anyway, my mom had a stretch in the hospital with pneumonia so I haven’t had any earth-shaking posts for you to salivate over. Until this one.

This post is dedicated to the Hall of Fame. But not that one. Vince McMahon’s WWE has a wrestling Hall of Fame that they have been inducting folks into for a few years, even letting the ordinary hoi polloi vote to determine a spot. So far this year they’ve announced the upcoming inductions of the American Dream, the son of a plumber, Mister Dusty Rhodes as well as one of a number of Kings to call Memphis home (not the Superstar Bill Dundee you oafs), Jerry The King Lawler. Both good selections. Rhodes was so over with kids of my generation he merits the spot and Lawler was always pretty ace in Memphis including his legendary angle with Andy Kaufman. But there’s a gaping hole in the WWE Hall of Fame. It can only belong to one man. The Dean of wrestling announcers, the unsurpassable Gordon Solie. Solie made you interested in what was going on whether it was a boring squash match or an in-depth interview. Gordon lent an intelligent, serious attitude to the announcing that allowed you an insight into what was purportedly going on. Hell, I learned what the carotid artery was well before my heart troubles courtesy of Gordon’s play by play. And the funny thing is, I’ve talked to a number of folks who aren’t exactly wrestling afficionados and even with their limited exposure to Solie they’ve said they realized what a talent he was. My personal fave was his description as Ted Dibiase was finally being helped after receiving multiple piledrivers from the Freebirds : “Don’t move him! He’s hemorrhaging!” So come on Vince, put Gordon Solie in your WWE Hall of Fame.  To paraphrase the late Freddie Miller, Gordon should “be therrrrrrrrre!” Below are some samples from Youtube of his Solieness :

(By the way, don’t bother with the book Gordon wrote back in the 1980s. Possibly the most boring wrestling associated book ever that features as much on his family’s holiday pool tournaments as it does in ring stories…..)

Here’s Gordon with JYD (nice angle with the Freebirds)

Announcing Bruiser Brody vs Wahoo McDaniel

The best, Ric Flair, vs Barry Windham

Calling Dusty Rhodes vs the Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff

with the immortal Harley Race analyzing his match with Dirty Dick Murdoch

trying to control the Fullers & Jimmy Golden as they narrate a Bob Armstrong beatdown

and trying to honestly put over  Tracy Smothers taking on a bear !


3 thoughts on “Indeed”

  1. Yea, they inducted Jim Ross tonight. One rassler did say something about Gordon, I couldn’t believe that he is not already in there.. Jim ross said he did own something to Solie, but WWE being all “with us or youre against us” attiude toward stuff. Solie will remain the “outsider”. Vince has won, but YET to humble himself to let the others in..
    Jim did his best work in Memphis, anyhoo

  2. I’m sure Vince still holds it against Gordon for being such a company man. I remember after Hogan had come across to WCW there was a segment with Heenan (?) and Gordon where Solie was asked, “Aren’t you a Hulk Hogan fan?” and GS replied, “No, sir, I am not.” Gordon the anti WWF man to the end.

    Jim Ross, I think, was best when he was in that Oklahoma territory (I think this was Bill Watts’ promotion) where Jim Duggan and Steve Williams were huge faces. Mid to late 80s. Joe Pedecino’s wrestling fest on Saturday nights used to feature them. Will also remember Ross when he was working as a reporter on Falcons’ broadcasts and he made some sort of gay allusion when talking about Atlanta’s upcoming game with the 49ers. Got himself booted from those broadcasts for that one. Anyway, Ross is a good wrestling announcer but, IMHO, not in Gordon’s league.

  3. Gordon Solie was so convincing in his role as the commissioner of Georgia Championship Wrestling that courthouse legend had him named as a defendant in lawsuits over things like fans crushed by behemoths flying out of the ring.

    It would have been great to see a motion to dismiss him as a party argued before a judge, some lawyer laughed out of court for suing an actor in his role on a rasslin’ show. I imagine one call from Turner’s lawyers, and he was cut loose.

    All those years without a wink or a nod. He was a great straight man.

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