This is the first post in a series of what will either thrill you to death or make you want to kill yourself. Your option.

Quick observations on my past week of music related experiences :

Was pushed into seeing “American Idols Live” this past Tuesday, September 12th. While the TV show itself is mildly amusing, the live presentation has absolutely nothing to do with music. It was interesting to see “artists” who had been performing the same set (and I’m sure telling Amarillo/Seattle/Tempe they are the “best audience yet” every night) flub lyrics, come in too early on songs etc. This went on with most everyone from “this is the apex of my career, thanks for coming” Bucky to “seasoned pro” Taylor. These guys were going through the motions like the Cubs do virtually every September. Audience was odd too with a mix of teens and retirees or soon to bes. Mercifully, the “show” lasted just over two hours. Highlight of the night was the oddity of hearing London Calling over the PA as the crowd filed out……

REM were inducted into the GA Music Hall Of Fame. Congrats, though I wish they’d called it quits when Bill left. Saw the show on GPTV and enjoyed the audience shots while they played. I used to live in apartment complex where one of the employees, a lady in her sixties, tried to dance and appear hip. This crowd looked just like that. Guys and gals who had climbed that corporate ladder “rocking out” to a poor sounding sound wise version of what we used to know as REM. Performance wise, rather drab as well. Plus REM allowed themselves to be persuaded by the Hall to perform the tired old Losing My Religion. Unlike Gregg Allman who trotted out some obscure song from 1974, “Oncoming Traffic”. Then REM, sans Stipe, played some song while Gregg played Midnight Rider simultaneously. Whatever.

Playing a Red Temple Spirits album tonite as part of 3rd Sunday of the month feature. Several positive calls, so a pretty good call on my part.

So hello again and hope you enjoy my posts!  



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