I’m Just A Heart & Soul Rock N Roll Junkie

(the above references Herman Brood, a Dutch musician I once saw open for the Kinks in Atlanta. One of the highlights of his band’s set was when one of the members screamed “Hello Alabama!” Brood did an interview with a local Atlanta TV station where he said that the one thing he wanted to do while in America was “sleep with Little Richard.” He may be best known in some circles for being the ex-husband of Nina Hagen as well as a 1979 US chart placement for his single “Saturday Night”. He passed away, I believe, in 2001.)

Another Valentine’s Day without a Valentine for me. Too many years like that for me. Sad to say my most vivid Valentine’s memory is from 25 years ago today when I saw a somewhat dodgy Atlanta band called Baby & The Pacifiers at their West Peachtree Club, the Bistro. Apparently the Bistro was owned/run by several different folks over the years and at one point in the 70s featured Jimmy Buffet’s band as the houseband. The Pacifiers had a college radio hit in Atlanta with their single “After You Jump” b/w “Planet Rangers”. I always had this feeling they thought themselves more important to the scene than they were (maybe that’s just me.) Though the Bistro was open for several years after I became “of drinking age”, I never again ventured in after that 1982 “teen” night show. (To be truthful, the only other show there that I was ever interested in seeing there was X’s Atlanta debut in 1981, but I weren’t old enough.) The major problem with the Bistro (other than always having the Pacifiers play) was it seemed that most bands that played there were a step down from the ones who played 688. Those type of bands later found a gigging home at Margaritaville, which I’ve just recently noted has been torn down.

Anyway, to any ladies viewing this site, tonight you are my Valentine. Hey, a generic message has gotta be better than a dreary Sunday night at the Bistro in 1982……..

Come On Mammy, Gimme That Grammy!

First, I want to take out my name from consideration of being the father of Anna Nicole’s baby. That cuts the list under 300,000 I think.

As for Ms. Smith, most people didn’t seem surprised by her demise but it did surprise me. Though she was a mess who was an actress (who couldn’t act), a model (who few had hired in fifteen years) and a reality show star (who wasn’t in the least bit real), she was famous for being…. Gets me. But those types of folks who people expect to die because of their lifestyle (glaring example being Courtney Love) tend to stick around and, honestly, she didn’t live THAT wild a life. Compare that to River Phoenix who much of Hollywood seemed stunned at his passing. That one didn’t stun me a bit. The one time I met the guy (he was in town travelling around with T-Bone Burnette during a Burnette promo tour) he seemed completely out of his gourd. So no shock there.

As to the Grammys, why bother giving the things out. I really find it difficult to believe that Grammy voters really thought the Dixie Chicks released the best record of the year without giving more creedence because of the situation they found themselves in because of Natalie Maines’ comments in England a few years ago. The Dixie Chicks pretty much admitted as much in one of their acceptance speeches. Grammy voters have set the precedent by rewarding political heroes of recent with Grammys (Hillary, Bill and this year Jimmy Carter). Can you imagine releasing a spoken word project that you’ve worked your ass off on and the exultation felt at being told you’ve been nominated for a Grammy only to have the letdown on finding out that Hillary Clinton has also been nominated? Understand, I’m not coming down on anybody’s political affiliation here. I honestly don’t care what somebody’s politics are when I listen to their music (or spoken word or whatever) but it is dishonest for voters to allow sensibilities to play into their selection. Out of the final choices, I probably would have opted for Gnarls Barkley, myself.

As for musicians making political statements on stage, the hoi polloi came to hear music, not a dissertation. You’d be disappointed if you attended a John Edwards rally and, rather than hear his ideas for running the country, were forced instead to hear his a cappella rendition of ELP’s Tarkus album. So why is it different for Dan Fogleberg (just popped into my head) to be able to interrupt a concert to opine on saving the “squonking lizard” (or whatever). REM used to make a statement on stage that there was a Green Peace booth in the arena and to check out their info. That seems a fair way. Or incorporate your statement into a song or into interviews you give. That’s what the those who mock fans who shout “shut up and sing” don’t understand. An artist’s fans may agree with them (most do) or may not. The stage just is not the right place for a lecture. Got it.

I’ve actually got a kid named Curtis who’s the student helper guy that WREK requires for alum show hosts. Anyway, he’s going to fill in from time to time with him doing the 2/25/07 show solo. Advanced notice and give him props.

Also my friend Kevn Kinney sent me this :

“hey everyone…
i know you’ve all (yall) have been concerned with what’s been goin on with
my voice…
i thought maybe  i was just turning into howlin wolf…..
i took a month off thinking it was just stress on my vocal chords but it was
just getting worse…
so i saw a specialist in atlanta yesterday and i finally have a diagnosis
that makes sense…
(i couldn’t take any more honey and lemon)
i have a cyst on my larynx and am scheduled for outpatient surgery on
February 15
shayni and myself are very excited about this….and want to thank yall for
concerns,remedies,suggestions and well wishes….
i should be up and talking within a few weeks if not earlier
i truely do miss ranting and pontificating at yall…….

we will update you on what’s going on following the fifteenth
till then keep on rockin in the free world…..
kevn and shayni rae kinney”

Good luck brother….